I cannot describe to you the elation I felt twenty-four hours ago as my classmates and I walked out of our classroom for the last time. We are done. Five hours a day, five days a week, for five months with an hour and a half of commuting each day. It was the fastest way to get to the end, but oh boy was it exhausting at times. All thirty of us, with our prof, had a celebratory lunch before we dispersed to our homes. It was a wonderful end to a great chapter in my life.

This morning I submitted my application and now we wait. While it would be nice to land a job quickly, I am almost hoping for a week or two of down time. I could use the rest, both mentally and physically, and I have a long list of house projects I would love to tackle. That is why I chose this career path after all – where ‘full time’ is only thirty hours a week and vacation days are plentiful. I needed to balance my career with my family, I need to be successful at home so I could be successful at work.

Now off to the first task – sorting, organizing, recycling the mountain of papers that have accumulated in the past five months.