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If one characteristic has punctuated our life in a small home, it is flexibility. It is the one essential quality to make living in a small space possible.

We’ve swapped bedrooms with our son countless times. Most pieces of furniture have been used in multiple rooms for a variety of purposes and if they don’t have that flexibility, we have swapped them out for a more functional model as our needs change. In seven years we’ve had two different dressers, three bed frames, three couches, four kitchen tables, and an untold number of accent chairs. Our needs change, our space evolves. Flexibility is key in making our home function best for us.

We knew moving into this home that we would have to be creative and give up some traditional ideas. Spaces cannot serve just one purpose and we expected each space to evolve as our lifestyle and family changed. One particular nook went from office space to a sewing desk to an entry bench and now has a dedicated shoe cabinet. We needed all of those functions at different times so we found ways to make that twelve square feet live up to its potential.

As we dream of the future in perhaps a smaller home, flexibility will be our motto. We know if we can be creative and live happily in a small apartment for the better part of a decade, we can realistically consider a tiny house, an RV adventure, or perhaps downsizing apartments to live in a different city. We can make anything living arrangement work if we’re flexible with our needs and willing to make the most out of the space we call home.


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8 thoughts on “hashtag flexibility

  1. Yes! I’d not even thought to switch bedrooms, but I have often thought of switching the dining room and our living room just cause I get bored of looking at the same thing day after day.


    1. Do it! Our kitchen and living room are pretty limited in how I can arrange them, but I have tried every conceivable option if only because I get bored with the same set up all the time 🙂


  2. I love that there are corners of your space that have evolved through so many iterations! It’s a fun challenge to re-imagine a space. It may take a bit of planning but isn’t usually as daunting as many people think it might be! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I think the most daunting thing can be budget restrictions. Reimagining a space on a budget has tested our creativity and my second hand shopping skills the most! But, it’s also really rewarding when a space works well and you know you didn’t spend much.


  3. I have thought before that there could be a lot of possibility if my husband and I “moved out” of our master bedroom and took a smaller bedroom. We could have a bigger family gathering space. I love thinking of unconventional ways to use the space in our home!


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