summer adventures

Yesterday we checked off A Day Trip to Vancouver from our summer bucket list! It involved way less ocean and park time than I hoped, but naps for three year olds take precedent. We stopped at some of our favourite breweries, browsed IKEA, and we ate… fish tacos, sour dough margarita pizza, beer pretzels. We played lawn games before dinner, we sang along to Garth Brooks, we listened to the endless imagination of a three year old, we talked about life, we planned our next adventures. It was a perfect day together. 

We live so close to a lot of amazing places, but for years the options almost left us paralyzed. We felt like we needed to plan a full vacation and do all the things at once. This year we’ve consciously changed our mindset to ask “what can we do today? what can we see in a weekend?” We have discovered so many amazing places a little bit at a time. 

As for the rest of the summer, plans are still evolving. I know it includes a parade, a long plane ride, Niagra Falls, and lots of family. I’m taking the same philosophy as we travel east and west… what adventure can we have today?