a year later and a tinier wardrobe

We’ve been serious at this minimalist thing for two years now. Every so often I reflect on how far we’ve come and yet I wonder how much further we can go. Once amazed that two adults could comfortably share a 36 inch closet and twelve drawer dresser, we’ve downsized to 18 inches of hanging space on the back of a door, 4 drawers, and a small leather duffel to hold off season items. Not even a formal closet, just the small entryway to our bedroom. 

Will we go lower? I’m sure. Our perspectives change, our needs shrink, our desire for less grows. We don’t have a concrete end goal, just a strong desire to live lightly on the environment. The more we experience and learn, the more we will change. Maybe next year we will be living out of suitcases. 


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