road trips and nostalgia 

Some of my fondest childhood memories are day trips with my parents. We would set out with a specific destination in mind, but we always found extra things to do along the way. Meals were often picnics or fast food, nothing extravagant, but the adventure and anticipation of the day was amazing. It is a tradition I want to bring to my family. We have so much beautiful country within 2-3 hours of our house, I want Rhys to know that and to grow up exploring with us. I want him to appreciate how much fun and adventure can be had without spending a fortune. 

Saturday we set out on our first trip. We packed our day bags and headed two hours northwest to a wildlife reserve. It was the perfect setting for a two year old. Lots of animals to see, but the park was small enough to be thoroughly enjoyed in 3-4 hours. Just the drive was a highlight for Matt and I. Our everyday lives exist within a pretty small radius from home, so we’re always excited to leave our bubble. Remembering that we live less than an hour from snowcapped mountains? Amazing. I also discovered a new joy – watching my child explore an unfamiliar place and watching the delight he experienced. This is the rewarding side of parenting. This is what we get when we slow down life and live intentionally.



I never meant to abandon this corner of the Internet. I intended to continue documenting our journey with simplicity – changes in our house, transitioning careers, our family life – but March hit hard and we scrambled to just survive. We recovered, but my habit of writing sadly did not get priority in our new normal.

I just wrapped up my first school year… 5 hours and 49 minutes ago, actually. I am excited to welcome summer break, to relearn how to rest deeply. And hopefully to share more here as our family continues to write the story of simple life.