Two years ago I was laying in a hospital bed with monitors strapped to my belly listening to the rhythmic thump thump thump of our little’s heartbeat. Another machine registered frequent contractions though I barely felt them. I begged for distractions, for friends to visit, anything to keep my mind focused on the positive.

Our plans had veered wildly at the last minute from a planned home birth to an induced hospital birth. The day before we discovered that while conditions in my uterus weren’t horrible, they also weren’t great and it would be better for our baby boy to come sooner than later. Our midwives supported and encouraged us through that difficult decision and while I may always have lingering questions – what if…? – I find solace in the outcome.

At 10:46pm on February 28th we heard the sweetest cry. Our baby boy was here. Safe. Healthy.

And today? He is an awesome, energetic two year old. He is obsessed with building and mechanics, he loves stories and songs. “Outdoors?” is his favourite place to be.


Our lives have changed immensely because of him. There have been challenges (who wants to join me on the My Baby Hates Sleep Bench? Or the My Toddler has Food Allergies Bench?), but there have been incredible rewards. He is sweet and funny, creative and a little bit mischievous. I love watching him develop and I adore the little person he is becoming. I am delighted everyday to be his Momma and to call him mine.

Happy birthday, Rhys!