the call

I have been waiting, not at all patiently, for The Call. I’ve spent the better part of the last year moving towards a new career that would be more inline with our family values and goals. I completed the required certificate in January. I watched as my classmates got interviews and then job offers. I inquired and was told my application was under consideration, that more interviews would be scheduled in a few weeks. Vague, but slightly comforting. I watched as classmates’ applications were completely dismissed. I prayed. I prayed hard. My heart jumped into my throat every time my phone rang. I was disappointed every time.

Last Friday, completely unsuspecting, I got an email. The Email. Was I available Tuesday morning at 10? Yes! I would move heaven and earth to be available. I planned my outfit, I rehearsed answers to common questions. I invented new questions. I talked to myself incessantly the entire weekend. Tuesday at 10am I met the woman who held my future, my family’s future, in her hands. She was positively delightful.

I expected to go away and wait, agonizing again, for The Offer. For some of my classmates it came hours later, some days, some waited over a week. How long would I be tormented? But as our interview was wrapping up she simply said, “We would love to hire you. When can you start?”

We would love to hire you. 

I start next week.