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It seems like an oxymoron in our western culture. Babies and minimalism. Toddlers and minimalism. Children and minimalism. We’re sold this line that these tiny people need need need stuff. 

When I was pregnant I thought I was doing reasonably well at saying no and buying less for my tiny person, but I still had a decent stash by the time that little eight pound bundle entered our home. I quickly realized we only used a fraction of those baby items and started looking for ways to offload the dead weight. I was happy to find active buy and sell websites in my town so a lot of it (and a lot of adult and house items) were sold there. Still more boxes went to a local children’s consignment store and some were donated to local charities.

I am by no means an expert on children and minimalism, but I am reasonably well versed on minimalism and my child. We’ve established a comfortable balance in our house with the things our tiny person uses and loves. Over the next few days I’ll share different aspects of that and talk about some of the challenges I expect to face as he grows and gains independence.