i said No to something i needed

Or perhaps more accurately, “needed.”

The cheap set of pots and pans we bought to set up house nearly seven years ago were at the very end of their life. We ditched them all and immediately bought two replacements – a sauce pot and a large frying pan with lid. I kept a short list of other items we deemed necessary, planning to watch sales and slowly acquire them.

Previously we had a smaller frying pan that we used a lot so it seemed like an obvious item to add to the list. I had already selected its replacement and earlier this week I found it on sale! I picked it up, I turned it over, I admired it again. It really is very nice – the Little Brother to our big pan. Then I put it back and walked away.

I realized in all those months that we didn’t have the small pan, I never once missed it. I never found myself with the bigger pan in use, panicking because I couldn’t finish a meal. We used the smaller pan because it was there, but it was never actually necessary. FullSizeRender

The big pan is a workhorse – 12 inches in diameter with deep sides, a lid, and second handle. It gets washed multiple times a day as we use it for almost every meal. We’re very careful to treat it well because it is the only one we have.

What else is on my List? Do really Need it or do I “need” it?