i need a smaller dresser

Also known as, I Konmaried my wardrobe and learned how to fold properly. 

We downsized our clothing considerably a few months ago, but without free time to try out her recommended folding method, the keeps just got shoved back into our closet and dresser. The door and drawers shut without bribery or coercion so I considered it a win. 

I finished reading Spark Joy yesterday and decided to try this magical folding method. I honestly didn’t have great expectations because I consider myself reasonably good at folding and organization, but it really was as good as promised! Everything is visible when the drawer is open and the required storage space was reduced considerably. 

I’ve always been indifferent to our dresser. It was a freebie, and while perfectly functional, it is very large and very heavy. I’m excited to hunt for another piece that better suits our needs and space! 


Empty drawers! 

Middle and left belong to the husband, the right belongs to me. His work calls for grubby, notafraidtorollinsawdust clothing so naturally he owns more items than I do. 

My favourite drawers. Because that is now a thing. 

Jeans are hard to fold much smaller and Carharts are just multiple layers of misery. Since we have the space, I didn’t force it. 

The closet, just to provide a full picture of our wardrobes. 

Yes, he wears a lot of plaid. He works in the lumber industry so he comes by it honestly. 

We were each wearing an outfit and had 4-5 items in the laundry so this is a realistic picture of our dresser and closet on an average day. We have a few more shoes in a hall closet, but not many. I think we have reached the click with our wardrobes. There are a few items we’d each like to upgrade, but the amount is perfect. Now it’s all about maintenance.


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  1. Love these pics! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t tried her folding method yet (except for my undies drawer, which I’ve kept neatly folded for almost a year), but I am really inspired to give it a go now.

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