restructuring my career plans

One year ago I was sitting down with my boss planning my re-entry to the workforce after being away on maternity leave for 53 weeks. Some major changes were on the horizon for the job I once loved and while it seemed a daunting task to undertake immediately upon my return, I launched into it headfirst.

I nearly broke my neck.

The location changed. My job description changed. My hours changed. I hated it. I spent six months trying to make it work, trying to make it mesh with my young family, but I was failing both places. I was always exhausted and no one was getting the best of me, least of all my one year old son.

I like working. I find a lot of joy and fulfillment in my professional endeavours so, although the option to be a stay at home mom was available, I began looking at new career options. My criteria was long and specific, but several conversations with friends lead me back to the same idea – working with vulnerable and struggling students in an education setting.

Conveniently, I needed only a new certification to qualify for this job and there are a lot of openings for this position in my area so it seemed like a safe bet. One local college offered the required courses in a condensed five month full time program so that’s what I’ve been doing since September.

Tomorrow, I graduate!

I suppose then I need to set out and land myself one of these promised jobs to make the career change complete, but just finishing the certification is a great accomplishment. I went back to school full time, transitioned my son to a new daycare, supported my husband in his own career ambitions, and everyone is thriving. This alone was the goal. I needed to find balance for myself and my family and I did it.