the actual shedding of stuff

My relationship with stuff has ebbed and flowed, but I’ve always leaned towards the less is more philosophy. Part of it was necessity – moving frequently for a few years, living in small spaces – but mostly I just don’t like clutter. I dont like to look at it and I don’t like to clean it so I try to avoid it.

About a year ago, not coincidently as my infant was becoming a mobile toddler, I began to loathe stuff. The excess that clogged up our small apartment and stole what little brain space I had left. I went through our house indiscriminately donating or selling anything that met my wrath. It was a successful endeavour – we had $1000 in our pocket and 4-5 trunkloads less in our house. Housework was easier and my brain was at peace.

Then I heard murmurings of a new book. I knew immediately that I would love it, but it was still a few months before I picked up a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It did not disappoint. With renewed energy, I went through our apartment again. I begged my husband to read it. We went through everything together once more. I wondered, after yet another trip to the thrift store, if we had anything left to get rid of.

But I still didn’t feel the ‘click’ that Marie Kondo promised. I knew we could live with less. Several months of evaluating how we live, what we use, what our priorities are and we’ve eliminated even more. It seems that every time we get close to that click our threshold drops again. Just tonight the kitchen was relieved of another boxful of its contents.

Minimalism has permeated every aspect of our lives and the journey it will take us on is still unknown. I’d love to open up the  cupboards, both literal and proverbial, in our home and share how we live and how our lives are changing.